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Bunch of Daisies

Bunch of Daisies features the simple but beautiful Ox Eye Daisy. This simple plant acts as the backbone of my meadow garden.

Being a horticulturist with a seed and nursery business, Australia's Sweet Pea Specialists I spend lot of time in my garden taking photos. I use these photos to create my designs using my skills as a graphic artist.

I will be honest in saying that most times I don't start with a clear vision. I much prefer to let my artwork evolve.

It seemed like an obvious choice to use bright colours to make the white daisy pop.

The final colour selection was based on my grandfather's favourite sweet, Liquorice allsorts.

Having an interest in sewing and quilting, I understand the importance of having a range of colours and prints and where possible I will always create a combination of colours and patterns in my ranges.

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